Membership in the Swedish Violin and Bow Makers' Association


The Swedish Violin and Bow Makers' Association (SVSF) is a trade organisation for professional violin and bow makers, as well as repairmen, in Sweden. We focus on actual knowledge, regardless of how you have achieved it and what sort of training you have.

The aims of our association are

According to our statutes there are two types of membership: associate membership or regular membership. Associate membership is for a limited time. Read more under: Associate Member.


You are welcome to apply for membership if you have shown skill in the craft and if you have worked professionally for at least three years.

To be accepted as a regular member, the applicant must be recommended by two regular members and present a trial piece of work or an instrument for approval. He or she must also be accepted by general voting and pay the current admission fee. Decisions on new members are made at the annual meeting


If you have finished your training recently or if you have been working professionally less than three years, you can apply for associate membership.

We think this is a way to help newly established violin and bow makers build a contact network. It also gives them the opportunity to learn about buying sources and to exchange experiences and knowledge

As an associate member you can take part in our activities; however, you will not have the right to vote. Associate membership may last for three years at the most, or until you are able to meet the requirement of three years of professional experience. After that you can apply for regular membership.


The membership fee is SEK 500 a year. The fee is the same for associate members and regular members.

When becoming a regular member, however, there is an admission fee of SEK 1500, which includes the first years' membership fee.


If you would like to apply for membership or if you would like more information, please contact our chairman Tommy Jacobsson on phone: 018-32 25 30 or e-mail tommy-jakobsson@telia.com

You are welcome to apply for membership in The Swedish Violin and Bow Makers' Association!

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