Tommy Jakobsson


Tommy Jakobsson, born 1951. Registered firm: "Ton i Trä Instrumentverkstad" since 1/1 1977. Started out as a guitar maker and repair man. Built 1975 - 1990 approx. 50 guitars of all kinds; mostly classical, but also steel stringed and various ethnical instruments such as: Cavaquinho, Quatro, Bandurria, Irish Bozouki etc. Among the customers were some of the most prominent swedish guitarists of that time, such as: Per Skareng, Mats Bergström, Bengt Wikström and others.

The career path was split during a violin making course in the summer of 1984 in Mittenwald Germany, where my interest in violin making got a flying start. Due to previously developed skills as a guitar maker, the transition to violin maker went smoothly. Since 1992 I also make and repair bows of all kinds. My skill and sence of style with regards to violin making was honed under the supervision of Josef Kantuscher in Mittenwald. Likewise with regards to bow making, with Gilles Duhaut in his workshop in Tours, France.